We’ve been talking with smart, interesting tummlers since September 2009.

TummelVision 1: Jerry Michalski the proto-tummler on the art of connecting people

TummelVision 2: Nicole Lazarro on social gaming, play & emotions

TummelVision 3: Heather Champ and George Oates on setting the tone for a million user website

TummelVision 4: Kathy Sierra on creating passionate users and you

TummelVision 5: Allee Willis on collaboration, being an uber-social artist and songwriter

TummelVision 6: Adrian Chan on Social Interaction Design

TummelVision 7: Elizabeth Churchill on ‘connecting the dots’, social software & human behavior

TummelVision 8: Bill Corbett on MST3K and bringing the audience along for the ride [explicit]

TummelVision 9: Brian Oberkirch on the art of small good things

TummelVision 10: Dave McClure live from SXSW on startups, angel investing and VC’s

TummelVision 11: Cathy Brooks on finding your personal story

TummelVision 12: Christian Crumlish on the mechanics of designing for online community

TummelVision 13: Zoë Keating on being a one women record label

TummelVision 14: Derek Powazek on designing the social website

TummelVision 15: Janera Soerel on the art of the global conversation

TummelVision 16: Teresa Nielsen-Hayden and Scott Rosenberg the uber-tummlers tell us how it’s done

TummelVision 17: Sunny Bates on creativity, talent and Kickstarter projects

Tummelvision 18: Laura Fitton on the power of Twitter, the lazy web and you

TummelVision 19: Valdis Krebs on Network Weaving, mapping the social graph and finding tummlers

TummelVision 20: Christen Clifford

TummelVision 21: Greg Elin on Open Gov’t, Data & Privacy

TummelVision 22: John Hagel on the Power of Pull

TummelVision 23: Howard Greenstein

TummelVision 24: Colleen Kelly on GoogleTV and the TwiT Army

TummelVision 25: Andrew Keen the “anti-tummler” riles up the crew

TummelVision 26: Jessamyn West on Metafilter and tummeling communities

TummelVision 27: Christy Dena on transmedia storytelling

TummelVision 28: Sarah Dopp on connectors, tummlers and community

TummelVision 29: Ted Rheingold live from Supernova and ambient sociality

TummelVision 30: Brynn Evans and Julie Hamwood on social interaction design

TummelVision 32: Jay Rosen on media and the people formerly known as the audience

TummelVision 33: Marshall Kirkpatrick on Apple, Google and other socially awkward companies

TummelVision 34: Joshua Fouts & Rita King on Diplomacy, politics, and virtual worlds

TummelVision 35: Steve Rosenbaum on online video, curation, and the future of media

TummelVision 36: Jyri Engeström on Tech Crunch, social object theory, and Twitter activism

TummelVision 37: Schlomo Rabinowitz on Burning Man, public service

TummelVision 38: Kristina Halvorson on Content Strategy and Tactics

TummelVision 39: Blaine Cook and the future of an open social web

TummelVision 39.5: “Director’s Cut” with additional commentary

TummelVision 40: Dave Gray on design, gamestorming, and more

TummelVision 41: Josh Klein on Hacking Work

TummelVision 42: Doc Searls on consumers, capitalism, and a decade of cluetraining

TummelVision 43: Heather Woodbury on performance, culture, and the social web

TummelVision 44: Stowe Boyd on social cognition, coding gender, and betweenness

TummelVision 45: Willow Witte of Join the Impact on Napsterized political activism

TummelVision 46: Tara Hunt Talks Whuffie, Delicious, and Shwowp!

TummelVision 47: Tom Coates on Yahoo!, social software, and being a proto-tummler

TummelVision 48: Brian Zisk on the human side of gadgetry, music, and lessons from antique online social networks

TummelVision 49: Lisa Bielawa on the social side of art and creativity

TummelVision 50: Umair Haque on tummeling our way to a new kind of capitalism

TummelVision 51: Brady Forrest on the Egyptian revolution, humanizing data, and the birth of Ignite

TummelVision 52: Paul Ford asks why wasn’t I consulted?

TummelVision 53: Molly Steenson on pneumatic tubes, the links between architecture and social software, and creating meaning without shipping code

TummelVision 54: Jeff Jarvis on his public parts, revolutionary technologies, and media disruption

TummelVision 55: Juliette Powell on how to tummel, collaborating across disciplines, leaderless revolution, and Dutch schoolchildren

Tummelvision 56: Howard Rheingold on crap detection, collaborative learning, and online community

TummelVision 57: Micah L. Sifry on SxSW, WikiLeaks, national security, and the global transparency movement

TummelVision 58: Silona Bonewald on Gaga, Google, open source, and socializing geeks

TummelVision 59: Thomas Knoll on love, community architecture, Zappos, tech, and humanity

TummelVision 60: Courtney Stanton on empathy, rape culture, and how to tummel haters

TummelVision 60.5: More talk with Courtney Stanton

TummelVision 61: Dion Almaer on the revelation that code is produced by human beings

TummelVision 62.5: More conversation with Andy Carvin of NPR

TummelVision 62: Andy Carvin of on twitter journalism, tummelling the world, and truth-seeking through vulnerability

TummelVision 63: Mark Krynsky on X Prizes, competition, cooperation, and “influence”

TummelVision 64: Lloyd Davis on Social Artistry, Collaboration, and Travel

TummelVision 65: Open House!

TummelVision 66: Eli Pariser on The Filter Bubble

TummelVision 67: Tantek Çelik explains open web standards for poets

TummelVision 68: Sarah Szalavitz on story, social design, Hollywood and imposters

TummelVision 69: Dan Gould on Namesake, conversation, and schooling the New York Times

TummelVision 70: Dina Mehta on Google Plus, disaster tummelling, and global community

TummelVision 71: Ethan Zuckerman on Google Plus, fan fiction, serendipity, and universal imperfect multilingualism

TummelVision 72: Ellen Dudley on Crowdscanner, werewolves, and improving real-life conversation

TummelVision 73: Clive Thompson on continuous mass conversations and the future of thought in the age of machines

TummelVision 74: Dan Gillmor

TummelVision 75: Liz Lawley

TummelVision 77: Paul Adams on Google, Facebook, and Social Circles

TummelVision 78: Jim Bower

TummelVision 81: Mark Pesce on Steve Jobs, collaboration, and the sources of creativity

TummelVision 82: Tummlers of Occupy Wall Street

TummelVision 83: Deanna Zandt, Dorian Taylor, and ContactCon

TummelVision 84: Grant McCracken on culture, corporations, and collaboration

TummelVision 85: Jill Slater on urban planning, sustainable food, and catalyzing a hora

TummelVision 86: Kestrin Pantera on karaoke, cellos, and #occupy

TummelVision 88: Adriana Lukas on Heterarchy

TummelVision 89: Alex Howard on #SOPA, Gov 2.0, and Congressional tech literacy

TummelVision 90: Quinn Norton on SOPA!, Occupy!, and our new SEO keyword “stochastic”

TummelVision 91: Maciej Ceglowski of Pinboard

TummelVision 92: Amber Case on Geoloqi, quantified selves, and emotion

TummelVision 93: Yoz Grahame on games, emotion, Second Life, Ning, and more

TummelVision 94: Willo O’Brien on Entrepreneurial Creatives and the Creative Economy

TummelVision 95: Amy Muller of Get Satisfaction on accidental start-ups, community managers, social CRM and what it takes to “get it”

TummelVision 96: David Weinberger on how the Net changes the way we think

Tummelvision 98: Back from hiatus. SXSW, Mike Daisey and sexism in tech

Tummelvision 99: Bravo for Silicon Valley – Reality, Bubbles, Glasses and emoting through technology

Tummelvision 100: Paul Ford, Andy Baio on the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, buying ‘community” and the New Aesthetic.

Tummelvision Episode 100B

Tummelvision Episode 101 – Alexis Madrigal – Let’s start really innovating again!

Tummelvision Episode 102 with Lukas Blakk – Lesbian Feminist Organizing, Open Source Community and Privilege

Tummelvision 103 Kio Stark: Stranger Studies, Incubating Emotions and Naming Lipstick Colours

Tummelvision Episode 104 – Flickr’s Yahoo-Flavored Downfall and Other Acquisition Fails (with Michael Petruzzo cameo)

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