TummelVision 39: Blaine Cook and the future of an open social web


Episode Notes

Blaine Cook [@blaine], founding engineer at Twitter and an open web standards wizard, joins Heather, Deb, and Kevin to talk about hopes, dreams and plans for a more open, yet more personalized Internet.

Huffduff It [what?]

  • Great episode, folks, but… lots of echo on this.

    • Andrew Hazlett

      Thanks for listening, and your comments. Sorry about the audio infelicities.

      Unfortunately, it seems to be an artifact of some very imperfect recording environments — including the Garden State Parkway and a huge, vacant hall at the headquarters of the Internet Archive (a former church: http://goo.gl/maps/sVBB)

      The technology is good enough to get these very smart (and always moving) people together in conversation with the world, but we’ve got a way to go before NPR-quality audio is possible in such conditions.

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