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Tummelvision 100: Paul Ford, Andy Baio on the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, buying ‘community” and the New Aesthetic.


Episode Notes

“You can’t have art without resistance in the materials”

Quoting William Morris, Paul Ford explains that when he wants to learn something he goes out and finds the appropriate software. In the limits of the software you might find a community.

Twelve year olds are now saying Facebook is for old people and Heather makes a 12-year-old’s face at the thought of Facebook buying Instagram. The group discusses Instagram’s future within the walls of Facebook. Will it get dragged into the Menlo Park swamp or will it go the way of Youtube?  An almost purely mobile photo app with few features, Instagram is applauded as a less judgmental environment for people who don’t know how to shoot real photographs.

Spontaneity ensues as Andy Baio stops by.  He is the founder of, a former CTO of, and author of the blog. Andy is a less hopeful and thinks Instagram could very well get sawed into pieces. The conversation turns to “The New Aesthetics” – a phenomenon that Andy says smells like machine vision. Paul Ford weighs in on the topic by way of Aaron Cope and Heather by way of Bruce Sterlings’ closing talk at SXSW.

Here is a link to the entire chat transcript and a highlight reel of the show via Storify!

Show links:

Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out | Paul Ford | New York Magazine

Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification | Adobe

What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal | Cliff Kuang | FastCoDesign

Heather’s Instagram reaction to Facebook’s acquisition

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Wikipedia list of Acquisitions by Facebook

Facebook is for Old People | Patrick Moorehead | Techpinions

Instagram’s Buyout: How Does It Measure Up? | Andy Baio | (Wired)

An Essay on the New Aesthetic | Bruce Sterling | Wired

Why the New Aesthetic isn’t about 8bit retro, the Robot Readable World, computer vision and pirates | Rev Dan Cat

The New Aesthetic | James Bridle

the new aesthetic | Aaron Straup Cope SXSW 2012

Bruce Sterlings closing talk of SXSW 2012


Paul Adams

TummelVision 77: Paul Adams on Google, Facebook, and Social Circles


Episode Notes

Erstwhile Googler, now Facebooker Paul Adams (@padday) joins us to talk about his insights on “circles” and the relationship between real-life and online social networks.

Notes & Links

Replay the whole back channel discussion via CoverItLive here.


TummelVision 65: Open House!


Episode Notes

Regular TummelVision chat room contributor @Xenophrenia joins in a discussion of open source, copyright, economics, and more in this first ever “Open House” episode.  We hope to make a regular feature out of this kind of episode (our version of a call-in hour).

News and Notes:

As you listen, you can replay the fascinating conversation from our live chat room here at CoveritLive.


TummelVision 48: Brian Zisk on the human side of gadgetry, music, and lessons from antique online social networks


Episode Notes

Brian Zisk is a strategist specializing in music, technology, and founder advising.  He is a pioneering social organizer in the San Francisco Bay area.  In this episode of TummelVision, Brian talks with Deb, Heather, and Kevin about CES, the continuing human importance of conferences, Quora’s imperfect community management, and the smart rules developed by antique online social networks.

Brian on Twitter: @zisk @sfmusictech @futureofmoney

Quote of the Week: “If you don’t like what someone says it’s your responsibility to not let them drive you nuts” -Brian Zisk

More links and comments from this episode:


TummelVision 39: Blaine Cook and the future of an open social web


Episode Notes

Blaine Cook [@blaine], founding engineer at Twitter and an open web standards wizard, joins Heather, Deb, and Kevin to talk about hopes, dreams and plans for a more open, yet more personalized Internet.

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