TummelVision 7: Elizabeth Churchill on ‘connecting the dots’, social software & human behavior


Episode Notes

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Do you speak-a my language? Elizabeth Churchill – TummelVision Ep. 7 from heather gold on Vimeo.

There was a little Buzz, a little iPad and a lot of accents swirling around the show this week.   It was our first  “international parity” edition serendipitously coinciding with the Olympics; we had two brits [Kevin and Elizabeth], a Canadian [Heather] and an American [Deb].  Ironically,  we did not even touch on the Games themselves but rather focused on  the true international language of “connecting the dots” and the human behavior and interfaces that help folks connect. We discussed why the role of a Tummler is often taken on by the liminal or non powerful members in  society and organizations as well as how the field of Computer Human Interaction is and is not changing as a a result of mass adoption of social tools.  We also took a second look at Buzz and some of the Buzz  backlash and what it does or does not do well when viewed through a social lens.

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80’s theme song: Do You Speak-a My Language

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