TummelVision 10: Dave McClure live from SXSW on startups, angel investing and VC’s


Episode Notes

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We ventured to SXSW where the whole TWIT crew was hosted very hospitably by the beautiful Texas co-working space. We also got the have the unique experience of seeing each other in person while we do the show.

Our guest Dave McClure is a well-known angel investor and persistent entrepreneurial advice giver. Originally a developer himself, he’s worked with too many companies to name, including SlidesShare, Paypal and Facebook. Among 499 other things, he currently runs a seed-stage investment program for Founders Fun.

Remarkably, Dave was able to not use any of his favourite 4-letter words at our request, during TummelVision, given that TWIT is aimed at a general audience including young kids. It’s taken us some time to adapt to the direction, but McClure really did yeoman’s work here and if you start reading his well-regarded blog or check out his sometimes controversial slides you’ll know why. He’s one of the most opinionated and enthusiastic peopel you’ll ever talk to about start-ups.

We discussed the tummeling he does as an angel, and the increasingly influential role angel funders (the people who provide the very first, personal funding of a company) given the decreasing costs of beginning a Net start-up. Dave also discussed what he felt VCs should be focussing on given this change.


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