TummelVision 94: Willo O’Brien on Entrepreneurial Creatives and the Creative Economy


Episode Notes

I first met Willo O’Brien (@willotoons) because, well, it’s hard not to meet Willo O’Brien in the San Francisco geek world. She loves people, knows what’s up and loves to make connections. Willo is an illustrator who built a successful design business called Willotoons with t-shirts,cards, websites and all the cuteness you could want to buy. In the classic early web 2.0 era way, she mixed her own expression and connecting with early adoption of blogging and most of the new mediums. She shared a lot, speaking and meeting in life and online, about how she was doing what she was doing with other creative entrepreneurs. This path brought her together with the other co-founders of Stitch Labs where Willo is the VP of Marketing. Stitch provides infrastructure and savvy for entrepreneurial creatives who sell on Etsy and online. You can find Willo everywhere online, as willotoons.

If you’re trying to understand how to work in a more fluid economy, how your life and work integrate healthily and how the economy itself will shift as growth comes more and more from creativity, Willo O’Brien is a woman worth listening to. Oh, and if you want to get the fluid process of living with social media without all the slimy sensation that comes from self-professed gurus, please listen.

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