Tummelvision Episode 102 with Lukas Blakk – Lesbian Feminist Organizing, Open Source Community and Privilege

Episode Notes

“Community is the people you’re stuck with.”

-Lukas Blakk

Lukas Blakk from Mozilla joins us for an exciting discussion about what constitutes actual community – and it’s not just sharing interests.

Lukas defines “community” – a word she finds is diluted of meaning – from her point of view: being raised in a Lesbian household, actively organizing around GBLT issues and now working with volunteer engagement at Mozilla. The question of privilege arises, as for Lukas community was defined as people who rallied around something and came out the other side together.  When joining Mozilla, she really had to find things to care about in open source like she “cared about feeding lesbian women in the woods” (rather than just Java vs. Python).

Highlights of this episode include: the illusion of meritocracies, similarities between Milliken Conference (Wealthy 1% conference which Deb just returned from) and the Michigan Women’s Music Fest, the political implications of forking some code and the end of zero-sum games in a networked world.

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