TummelVision 3: Heather Champ and George Oates on setting the tone for a million user website

Episode Notes

Episode 3 – Download the Show

Deb and Kevin chat with two of the women who helped make what gets called “community” in the “web 2.0” world work. Heather videos in from the airport for a minute. Champ and Oates were both involved in the creation of Flickr, considered the first real “web 2.0” site and a model of a strong community using social media. There’s no one who knows more about what design and community features and human interactions affect social engagement online. Champ and Oates are insightful and witty. They’re the opposite of Big Brother. But they are watching you.

Thanks to Director of Community at Flickr Heather Champ and Lead for the Open Library at Internet Archive George Oates.


80’s theme song: They’re Watching You

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