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Zandt and Taylor

TummelVision 83: Deanna Zandt, Dorian Taylor, and ContactCon

Episode Notes

Fresh from #ContactCon in New York, the gang connects with Deanna Zandt (@randomdeanna) and Dorian Taylor (@doriantaylor) to talk about privilege, taxonomies, social media alchemy, and the economics of cultural production.

Notes and Links:

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Dan Gould of Namesake

TummelVision 69: Dan Gould on Namesake, conversation, and schooling the New York Times

Episode Notes

Dan Gould is founder of Namesake, a new online business community centered around conversations. He joins Heather Gold, Kevin Marks, and Deb Schultz to talk about the project, as well as recent events at the intersection of tech, culture, and people. Check out the Namesake conversation about Tummeling and revisit the live chatroom discussion from Cover It Live.


TummelVision 68: Sarah Szalavitz on story, social design, Hollywood and imposters

Episode Notes

Sarah Szalavitz (@dearsarah) does social design under her company Robot7 and teaches at the MIT Media Lab. Her background was in law and then Hollywood. A self-described “champagne socialist,” she did deals for Michael Eisner’s web video venture Veoh and has been one of the key people connecting filmed entertainment to the network economy. Her focus is now much broader than Hollywood and she focuses on systems and questions. As she says “now everyone makes media….how do we encourage people to participate.”

Storified notes from the conversation are here.


TummelVision 67: Tantek Çelik explains open web standards for poets

Episode Notes

Tantek Çelik is an independent technologist, writer, teacher… the notorious @t on twitter… and a vocal proponent of open web standards. In the wake of the Schema announcement, Tantek joins Heather, Kevin, and Deb to talk about the present and future of the social graph, openness, and living online.

Notes and Notes:

As you listen, you can replay the fascinating conversation from our live chat room here at CoveritLive.


Thomas Knoll

TummelVision 59: Thomas Knoll on love, community architecture, Zappos, tech, and humanity

Episode Notes

Thomas Knoll joins Heather, Kevin, and Deb to talk about love, community architecture, Zappos, tech, and humanity.

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