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TummelVision 52: Paul Ford asks why wasn’t I consulted?


Episode Notes

Writer Paul Ford (a.k.a., joins Kevin and Deb to talk about the Egyptian revolution, whether Arianna Huffington is a tummler, and the ultimate question of the entire Internet: Why Wasn’t I Consulted?

Paul on Twitter: @ftrain

Quote of the Week: “There is a new role for individuals in the web who serve as ‘antennas’ who collect and feed back to the crowd” – Paul Ford

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TummelVision 50: Umair Haque on tummeling our way to a new kind of capitalism


Episode Notes

This week on Tummelvision Umair Haque talks with us about his book The New Capitalist Manifesto, the imbalanced state of the union, Silicon Valley’s disruption deficit disorder, and much, much more.

Umair is an old pal of the tummel-crew. Four years ago when I first met Umair  we both had a meeting of the minds on the fundamental shifts impacting business and culture in a networked world.  Our major rant at the time was that this is much bigger than new technology and a new distribution channel.  People were missing the point that social software and the social web are changing the rules – they are empowering individuals and groups and slicing into old economic models. This still holds true today.  Most businesses are still trying to slam the proverbial square peg in a worn out old round hole while missing the fact that the hole is not round anymore and the peg – well it is now comprised of lots of little pegs [ok -done beating a dead metaphor].

Umair  has been shaking things up with his great blog over at HBR and has just published his new book The New Capitalist Manifesto where he lays out many of these fundamental changes. We are proud that Tummeling fits right into the midst of it all.   Please join us this Thursday for our live chat and podcast where we discuss Tummeling Capitalism – two words that many people might think are at odds with each other when in reality they go together like peanut butter and chocolate!

Thanksgiving for Tummlers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our TummelVision listeners, participants, tummlers and crew.

We’re grateful for the work of so many of our guests and community who are doing great work to make the web and the people and places in their lives more connected and centered around human needs.

In lieu of a live episode this evening, please enjoy the embedded video below, a classic TummelVision episode with Zoe Keating.  Tara Hunt will join us on December 16th.

Join us live again beginning next week December 2nd with Stowe Boyd. We have a fantastic live chat with some of the more phenomenal minds and wits and we really encourage you to join us live for shows which always include unpredictable, fun pre- and post-show conversations.

Many thanks for their help in the past year to and Leo Laporte for launching TummelVision, Squarespace for NY studio support, Rob Blatt and Mike Vardy for production help and our former listener now producer Andrew Hazlett.

I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad w/Zoe Keating – Ep 13 Tummelvision from heather gold on Vimeo.

TummelVision 43: Heather Woodbury on performance, culture, and the social web


Episode Notes

Heather Woodbury joins Heather Gold, Kevin Marks, and Deborah Schultz to talk about culture, the social web, and performance art.

Called “a one woman Dickens” by Laurie Anderson, Heather’s work encompasses scores of characters in novelistic performances (see, for example, videos from her piece “As the Globe Warms“).

TummelVision 4: Kathy Sierra on creating passionate users and you


Episode Notes

Episode 4 – Download the Show

Kathy Sierra joined us for a great conversation about her biggest passion: you. Note-worthy moments and themes:

– How do you create excellent experiences for users
– Clay Shirky’s recent rant about women, wishing they’d show more chutzpah and self-promotion
– a useful unself promotion approach to work and social media presence than “personal branding.” It’s certainly working for Kathy.
– Why follower counts aren’t the thing to pay attention to
– the iPad’s social possibilities both online and between real life and online.
– Deb quoted the Talmud tonight, Kathy Sierra Daniel Pink and me QVC. That’s range!
– Deb got a cowbell, Heather grabbed a hairbrush and Kevin rocked out
– We never wanna get ourselves free. This week’s song is so very cowbell worthy.
– Books mentioned: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.)– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Kathy dropped his name all casual-like) and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
– Daniel Pink


80’s theme song: Caught Up in You

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