TummelVision 33: Marshall Kirkpatrick on Apple, Google and other socially awkward companies


Episode Notes

Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of the smartest writers on the web, visits with Heather Gold, Deb Schultz, and Kevin Marks in this week’s episode of TummelVision.

Marshall is widely known as “The Lady Gaga of Tech” (according to Heather), but he also serves as Co-Editor and Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb.

Some links, concepts, and comments mentioned in this episode:

Marshall on the startup social network based on open standards [Only Burning Man Stands Between Diaspora, the Open Source Facebook, and Its Public Launch]

Kara Swisher on Apple’s Facebook problems [Facebook Blocked API Access to Ping After Failure to Strike Agreement, So Apple Removed Feature After Launch]

Kevin Marks on Apple’s move into social [Welcome Apple, seriously]

Marshall recommends the new social search tool as an example of a “tummelly” tool.

The gang also talked about the new twitter-based event tracker Lanyrd and other social tools for the conferencing life (including Pathable and Plancast).

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