Tummelvision Episode 104 – Flickr’s Yahoo-Flavored Downfall and Other Acquisition Fails (with Michael Petruzzo cameo)

Episode Notes

Debs is on vacation and Kevin has just returned from the Privacy Identity Innovation Conference! Heather and Kevin use Mat Honan’s article about Yahoo’s missteps with Flickr as a lense to discuss the multitude of acquisition blunders.

Why don’t boards of large companies understand the value in making something good? Why does the focus almost always shift from nurturing an innovation to profit and scale? What made Flickr so great and why did the acquisition halt this greatness so abruptly?

Aspiring #tummel nerd Michael Petruzzo makes his first cameo on the show!

How Yahoo Killed Flickr And Lost The Internet – Mat Honan

Chat Transcript & Storify


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