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Kio Stark

Tummelvision 103 Kio Stark: Stranger Studies, Incubating Emotions and Naming Lipstick Colours


Tummelvision Episode 102 with Lukas Blakk – Lesbian Feminist Organizing, Open Source Community and Privilege


Tummelvision Episode 101 – Alexis Madrigal – Let’s start really innovating again!


Tummelvision Episode 101 – Alexis Madrigal – Let’s start really innovating again!

Episode Notes

Senior editor at The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal joins Tummelvision for a lively discussion of crusty old paradigms in start-ups and software products.

The group rallies around the Ta-Nehisi Coates model of journalism before moving onto Alexis’ recent article, The Jig Is Up: Time to Get Past Facebook and Invent a New Future. The themes of the article are discussed at length including the stagnation of software, changes in consumer expectations, and the “just grow and then we iterate or something” model.

Are start-ups simply throwing remixes of the same model at the wall to see what sticks? Are new products just attempting to enrich more Advertising Uranium by dowsing it in “social” and “local”? Why are so few companies braving Deb’s “artisinal software” model – instead selling out to giants – and just how long can people perceive the value of content as free?

Chat Transcript & Storify


Tummelvision Episode 100B

Episode Notes

“Soundbytes are great, but people are starved for dinner conversation.” -Debs

Tummelvision looks back after 100 episodes! The discussion focusses on the growing value of tummeling in the world since the podcast began, illustrated by phenomena such as the Arab Spring and gigantic shifts in journalism.

What’s changed in the past few years? Kevin says that relationships are moving from static to dynamic, Heather sees emotion beginning to trump data(often not for the best), and Debs observes that people are learning to get together in a moment to solve their own problems.

The show wraps up by looking five years into the future: what seemingly small, incremental changes happening now will be looked back on as the next major shift?

Storify & Chat Transcript

"Paul Ford"

Tummelvision 100: Paul Ford, Andy Baio on the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, buying ‘community” and the New Aesthetic.

Episode Notes

“You can’t have art without resistance in the materials”

Quoting William Morris, Paul Ford explains that when he wants to learn something he goes out and finds the appropriate software. In the limits of the software you might find a community.

Twelve year olds are now saying Facebook is for old people and Heather makes a 12-year-old’s face at the thought of Facebook buying Instagram. The group discusses Instagram’s future within the walls of Facebook. Will it get dragged into the Menlo Park swamp or will it go the way of Youtube?  An almost purely mobile photo app with few features, Instagram is applauded as a less judgmental environment for people who don’t know how to shoot real photographs.

Spontaneity ensues as Andy Baio stops by.  He is the founder of, a former CTO of, and author of the blog. Andy is a less hopeful and thinks Instagram could very well get sawed into pieces. The conversation turns to “The New Aesthetics” – a phenomenon that Andy says smells like machine vision. Paul Ford weighs in on the topic by way of Aaron Cope and Heather by way of Bruce Sterlings’ closing talk at SXSW.

Here is a link to the entire chat transcript and a highlight reel of the show via Storify!

Show links:

Facebook and Instagram: When Your Favorite App Sells Out | Paul Ford | New York Magazine

Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification | Adobe

What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal | Cliff Kuang | FastCoDesign

Heather’s Instagram reaction to Facebook’s acquisition

Grab Instagrams with GramGrab

Reaction Pictures & Emoticons | MyFaceWhen

Wikipedia list of Acquisitions by Facebook

Facebook is for Old People | Patrick Moorehead | Techpinions

Instagram’s Buyout: How Does It Measure Up? | Andy Baio | (Wired)

An Essay on the New Aesthetic | Bruce Sterling | Wired

Why the New Aesthetic isn’t about 8bit retro, the Robot Readable World, computer vision and pirates | Rev Dan Cat

The New Aesthetic | James Bridle

the new aesthetic | Aaron Straup Cope SXSW 2012

Bruce Sterlings closing talk of SXSW 2012


TummelVision band photo3b

Tummelvision 99: Bravo for Silicon Valley – Reality, Bubbles, Glasses and emoting through technology

Episode Notes

Heather Gold and Kevin Marks on Tummeling, Bubbles, and how media representations affect how people believe.

Full chat transcript available here.

TummelVision band photo3b

Tummelvision 98: Back from hiatus. SXSW, Mike Daisey and sexism in tech

Episode Notes

We’re back. Heather, Debs and Kevin talk about the tummeling stories we’ve missed over the last month.

Here’s the chat transcript in full

Some related links below:

SXSW 2012:  A decidedly different show – PR attendance up a whopping 30%

Mike Daisey vs Journalism: Ethan Zuckerman, Director of MIT Center for Civic Media [Tummelvision guest Episode 71]on the Mike Daisey Apple in China media vs journalism vs truth kerfuffle

Sexism in tech – yes, that topic again. Where we are “shocked, shocked to find sexism in tech”. Charles Arthur  of The Guardian used storify to brilliantly summarize the latest uproar



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