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Tummelvision 98: Back from hiatus. SXSW, Mike Daisey and sexism in tech


Episode Notes

We’re back. Heather, Debs and Kevin talk about the tummeling stories we’ve missed over the last month.

Here’s the chat transcript in full

Some related links below:

SXSW 2012:  A decidedly different show – PR attendance up a whopping 30%

Mike Daisey vs Journalism: Ethan Zuckerman, Director of MIT Center for Civic Media [Tummelvision guest Episode 71]on the Mike Daisey Apple in China media vs journalism vs truth kerfuffle

Sexism in tech – yes, that topic again. Where we are “shocked, shocked to find sexism in tech”. Charles Arthur  of The Guardian used storify to brilliantly summarize the latest uproar



Social Artist Lloyd Davis

TummelVision 64: Lloyd Davis on Social Artistry, Collaboration, and Travel


Episode Notes

Lloyd Davis (@lloyddavis) is Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration. He blogs at Perfect Path and is best known as the founder of the Tuttle Club, London’s most popular and long-running meetup for anyone interested in the social web.

He’s a ukulele player who enjoys singing songs from the 1930s. And he recently traveled coast-to-coast trip across the United States, as vividly recorded here

He’s currently resurrecting the Tuttle Club’s conversational process for consulting with large organisations about digital engagement strategies.



Micah Sifry on WikiLeaks

TummelVision 57: Micah L. Sifry on SxSW, WikiLeaks, national security, and the global transparency movement


Episode Notes

Still a little hoarse from SxSW, Heather Gold, Kevin Marks, and Deb Schultz report on their experiences and are joined by guest Micah L. Sifry, co-founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, which covers the ways technology is changing politics, and editor of its blog techPresident. He is the author or editor of six books, most recently WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency.

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