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TummelVision 60.5: More talk with Courtney Stanton


Episode Notes

Following the recording of episode 60 and after some technical challenges, Heather Gold joins the conversation with Courtney Stanton, on rape culture, PTSD, community, and more. This segment starts and ends abruptly (due to some mic issues), but the discussion is really absorbing.

Courtney Stanton

TummelVision 60: Courtney Stanton on empathy, rape culture, and how to tummel haters


Episode Notes

This week on TummelVision, the gang is joined by Courtney Stanton (@kirbybits), who relates her experiences contending with trolls and vitriol on the subject of rape culture in gaming. Courtney is Producer at Subatomic Studios, founder of Women in Games Boston, and co-founder of cabaret and burlesque troupe Bitches of Destiny.
News and Notes

Links related to Courtney’s experiences in confronting rape, sex, and trolling in gaming communities:

While you listen, you can follow the smart comments from our lively chat room by replaying the CoveritLive discussion.

If you’re interested in hearing more of Courtney’s fascinating insights, check out the supplemental discussion in episode “60.5.”

Tonight’s Tummelvision Premiere w/guest game designer Nicole Lazzaro

We’re thrilled to be premiering Tummelvision tonight. The show will stream live at from 7pm-8:00PST / 10-11:00pmEST.

Joining us is game designer Nicole Lazzaro, a participant in the Social Interaction Design Blog and an expert in the role of emotion in gaming.

You can chat with us and the rest of the Tummlers at .

This show will be livestream only for the first few months from TWiT. Well post audio files and video files if recorded by the TWiT army here once we get them.

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