TummelVision 60.5: More talk with Courtney Stanton


Episode Notes

Following the recording of episode 60 and after some technical challenges, Heather Gold joins the conversation with Courtney Stanton, on rape culture, PTSD, community, and more. This segment starts and ends abruptly (due to some mic issues), but the discussion is really absorbing.

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  • James Myers

    I didn’t interact as well as I might have last week. Many years ago, I funded & ran a speakers bureau of a high PTSD population with a human rights focus. It ran for about 3 years and I’d sent about 5 previously getting the experience to do so. It featured survivors of torture, long term political imprisonment, relatives of disappeared, etc. Mentioning that at the time would have been one-upping Courtney’s experience. It really is impossible to remove all mental association / memory trigger events. It’s a very sophisticated subject, involving not only how to talk about the events, how to ‘testitfy’ but also what happens in both telling and re-telling of the person’s story. Some bits should never come out, others become liturgical in nature as the are retold.

    The trauma itself, post or otherwise, behaves like a broken ankle..the mind looses capacity to accomodate to even minor stressors, the ankle can’t take normal weight for a long time. The peculiar location of the net for the discussion is trouble. I can imagine a net without Facebook, Google, or even IP, but I can not imagine one without flame wars.

    How I think language works, isn’t directed toward empathy, it’s tough ground to work over. I recall the story of Molly Ivans being put on the New York Times editor’s shit list (and subsequently forced out) for describing a west Texas chicken killing competition as a Gang Pluck.

    What’s at odds here is the safety of topics under taboo, to be addressed in a ceremonial safe place, a suburban gated community of the mind, or the street corner / subway platform that is the open net, or still the most challenging and fruitful place of Salon, with a table of cookies & coffee at the back of the room.

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