This week’s guest: Juliette Powell

By Deb Schultz

Join us this Thursday evening at our new time 6pm PST/9pm EST, when we chat with  Juliette Powell, media strategist, author of 33 million people in the room and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank.  Juliette is a natural born Tummler who catalyzes  ideas and people across business, media and culture.

Check out Juliette’s recent  discussion on the impact of the social web on the Middle-East revolution[s] with Internet sceptic Evgeny Morozov on BBC’s WHYS blog.

I am sure we will discuss the Middle East, state of media and wherever else the conversation takes us. Looks to be a fun conversation.

Bonus: She is a fellow Canadian along with Heather.

As always – if you have a question or comment for Juliette simply use the hashtag #tummel or post a comment here.


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