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Social Artist Lloyd Davis

TummelVision 64: Lloyd Davis on Social Artistry, Collaboration, and Travel


Episode Notes

Lloyd Davis (@lloyddavis) is Social Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration. He blogs at Perfect Path and is best known as the founder of the Tuttle Club, London’s most popular and long-running meetup for anyone interested in the social web.

He’s a ukulele player who enjoys singing songs from the 1930s. And he recently traveled coast-to-coast trip across the United States, as vividly recorded here

He’s currently resurrecting the Tuttle Club’s conversational process for consulting with large organisations about digital engagement strategies.



Lisa Bielawa

TummelVision 49: Lisa Bielawa on the social side of art and creativity


Episode Notes

In addition to the usual smart, witty banter, this episode of TummelVision is graced by a sample from the work of composer and vocalist Lisa Bielawa. Lisa is creating work that brings together many musicians and creates art in a very public way.


TummelVision 16: Teresa Nielsen-Hayden and Scott Rosenberg the uber-tummlers tell us how it’s done


Episode Notes

Episode 16 Download the show

We speak with two great tummlers in this episode. Teresa Nielsen-Hayden is a science fiction editor and was the first boingboing comments moderator when they returned to comments in 2007. Teresa is also a blogger and the first person to practice disemvoweling online of the entire text of offensive posts.

Most important to us, she’s the original applier of the term tummel to social catalyzing in the web era (she discussed it with Kevin and then the three of us had a collective aha moment. See our story on the about page.)

Also joining us is early blogger, journalist, long-time Salong writer and editor and blogging historian Scott Rosenberg.

Tonight’s Tummelvision Premiere w/guest game designer Nicole Lazzaro

We’re thrilled to be premiering Tummelvision tonight. The show will stream live at from 7pm-8:00PST / 10-11:00pmEST.

Joining us is game designer Nicole Lazzaro, a participant in the Social Interaction Design Blog and an expert in the role of emotion in gaming.

You can chat with us and the rest of the Tummlers at .

This show will be livestream only for the first few months from TWiT. Well post audio files and video files if recorded by the TWiT army here once we get them.

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