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TummelVision 4: Kathy Sierra on creating passionate users and you


Episode Notes

Episode 4 – Download the Show

Kathy Sierra joined us for a great conversation about her biggest passion: you. Note-worthy moments and themes:

– How do you create excellent experiences for users
– Clay Shirky’s recent rant about women, wishing they’d show more chutzpah and self-promotion
– a useful unself promotion approach to work and social media presence than “personal branding.” It’s certainly working for Kathy.
– Why follower counts aren’t the thing to pay attention to
– the iPad’s social possibilities both online and between real life and online.
– Deb quoted the Talmud tonight, Kathy Sierra Daniel Pink and me QVC. That’s range!
– Deb got a cowbell, Heather grabbed a hairbrush and Kevin rocked out
– We never wanna get ourselves free. This week’s song is so very cowbell worthy.
– Books mentioned: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.)– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Kathy dropped his name all casual-like) and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
– Daniel Pink


80’s theme song: Caught Up in You

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