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TummelVision 54: Jeff Jarvis on his public parts, revolutionary technologies, and media disruption

Episode Notes

In this episode of TummelVision, the gang talks about ”public parts,” revolutionary technologies, and media disruption with Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? and the forthcoming Public Parts, founder of Entertainment Weekly and professor at City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.


TummelVision 36: Jyri Engeström on Tech Crunch, social object theory, and Twitter activism

Episode Notes

Jyri Engeström, entrepreneur and founder of Jaiku, was once Google’s “accidental sociologist.”  He weaves together a wealth of knowledge of the social web and social science.

[Technical note: Even though Jyri and Kevin helped make the Internet work, they still had some technical problems recording this episode. Unfortunately the audio is not up to our usual standards. We apologise for that and think the quality of the conversation makes this worthwhile listening. We'll have Jyri back for another chat at studio quality but in the meantime, please listen to some great insights about social media.]


TummelVision 30: Brynn Evans and Julie Hamwood on social interaction design

Episode Notes

Brynn Evans and Julie Hamwood visit to talk about social interaction design, the demise of Google Wave, and the myriad differences between Twitter and Facebook.

Brynn summarized the discussion at her blog with much more elegance than any show notes could could capture.

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The Next Web has No Destinations (and thus needs tummlers more)

How interactions on the web are changing
The next stage of the web won’t have destinations, it will be a distributed network of content and people that will get reassembled depending on context and relationships. The increase in people interactions on the web will mean that building and managing communities will be important for responding to customer suggestions, queries, and complaints. Communities will need to be embedded in consumer experiences and not built at a new destination.

Quote from -Paul Adams, UX Researcher at Google – the tummler conclusion is mine.

How to be a Tummler: Heather’s Google Talk


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