Supernova Video – what is tummeling?


Heather and I did a brief video interview with Howard Greenstein [our episode 23 guest] after out Tummeling Session at Supernova explaining the concept.  Enjoy!

Zing moments:

Heather bringing in Arthur Miller’s classic line from Death of A Salesman – “A man is not a piece of fruit.”

Debs comment that we “don’t want to live in a world where twitter becomes the form letter of yesterday.”

  • Deb Schultz

    You can tell we are all originally east coasters – all in black.

  • Amos White

    “You have to be really conscious of social dynamics.” Great approach in promoting a highly valued social skill.

    “we need to be like people.” Few are fortunate to develop this interpersonal skill from a lifetime of experiences.

    Scaling tummeling to business customer service policies and sales processes requires investment in or promotion of qualified staff (tummelers) and in developing scripts and trainings dedicated to provocative, conversational narratives that increase authentic engagement for increased business.

  • Xenophrenia

    Will there be a video of your Tummeling session? Inquiring minds need to know 😉 (I hate putting the dash in my smiley but it’s been severed so many times by odd line breaks … ).

  • heathergold

    Xenophrenia, I’ve inquired to see if it was taped.

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