The importance of coordination for success


Nice piece entitled “Team Coordination Is Key in Businesses” by the Heath bros on the importance of coordination for success.  As they smartly point out:

We tend to underestimate the amount of effort needed to coordinate with other people. In one academic experiment, a team of students was asked to build a giant Lego man as quickly as possible. To save time, the team members split up their work. One person would craft an arm, another would build the torso, and so forth. (At least one person, of course, was charged with tweeting compulsively about what the others were doing.)

Often, the parts were carefully designed, yet they didn’t quite fit together properly, like a Lego Heidi Montag. The problem was that nobody was paying attention to the integration. The researchers found that the teams were consistently better at specializing than they were at coordinating.

The skills required for coordination and collaboration are indeed the skills of the Tummler!  Now to discuss the HOW – the how is to reward and ensure that the role of the Tummler is indeed recognized, encouraged and rewarded.

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