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Thanksgiving for Tummlers

Happy Thanksgiving to all our TummelVision listeners, participants, tummlers and crew.

We’re grateful for the work of so many of our guests and community who are doing great work to make the web and the people and places in their lives more connected and centered around human needs.

In lieu of a live episode this evening, please enjoy the embedded video below, a classic TummelVision episode with Zoe Keating.  Tara Hunt will join us on December 16th.

Join us live again beginning next week December 2nd with Stowe Boyd. We have a fantastic live chat with some of the more phenomenal minds and wits and we really encourage you to join us live for shows which always include unpredictable, fun pre- and post-show conversations.

Many thanks for their help in the past year to and Leo Laporte for launching TummelVision, Squarespace for NY studio support, Rob Blatt and Mike Vardy for production help and our former listener now producer Andrew Hazlett.

I find it kind of funny and I find it kind of sad w/Zoe Keating – Ep 13 Tummelvision from heather gold on Vimeo.

This Week: Zoe Keating

The TummelVision crew is taking this week off, so listen to the live stream tonight at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST to catch a repeat of one of the first shows featuring Zoe Keating.

We’ll be back next week!

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