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TummelVision 86: Kestrin Pantera on karaoke, cellos, and #occupy


Episode Notes

Kestrin Pantera @kestrin is an actor, cellist, and mobile karaoke bar impressario. She joins Heather and Kevin to talk about the RVIP Lounge, the #Occupy movement, and her creative work. Kestrin gets into the transcendent and emergent moments of tummeling, performance, and how you draw someone into something they might be nervous about.


TummelVision 73: Clive Thompson on continuous mass conversations and the future of thought in the age of machines


Episode Notes

Clive Thompson (@pomeranian99) on tummelling at the essential social tool of the future, the web’s social backbone, continuous mass conversations, and the future of thought in the age of machines.

Click here to replay the live chat.

Howard Rheingold

Tummelvision 56: Howard Rheingold on crap detection, collaborative learning, and online community


Episode Notes

From SxSW in Austin, Heather Gold and Kevin Marks talk with Howard Rheingold, who has been studying and writing inspiringly about virtual communities since the 1990s, and has been online continually since the mid-1980s. His The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online is the original Tummler how-to guide.

Enjoy this conversation with the godfather of online tummlers!

TummelVision 55: Juliette Powell on how to tummel, collaborating across disciplines, leaderless revolution, and Dutch schoolchildren


Episode Notes

The guest this week is Juliette Powell, media strategist, author of 33 Million People in the Room and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank.  Juliette is a natural-born Tummler who catalyzes  ideas and people across business, media and culture.

Juliette and the gang offered some practical tummelling tips, discussed collaboration across disciplines, leaderless revolution, and the social dynamics Dutch schoolchildren (really).

Check out Juliette’s recent  discussion on the impact of the social web on the Middle-East revolution[s] with Internet skeptic Evgeny Morozov on BBC’s WHYS blog. Bonus: She is a fellow Canadian along with Heather.

The Catskills on the 4th

We were passing through the Catskills during the 4th weekend and we stopped at the Liberty NY museum.Tummler was a full-on regular job at these resorts and it helped launch the career of many great performers including Mel Brooks, Sid Ceasar and Joey Adams.

The people who stayed at these resorts were immigrants or children of immigrants and this was their time out of the city to spend some time in a pool, eat some good food they didn’t have to cook themselves and socialize. People often went back at the same time every year and community and participation was a big part of the experience.

Lower costs of more exotic consumer vacation destinations like the Caribbean led to the closing of these resorts but they led to a loss of connection and community.

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