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TummelVision 48: Brian Zisk on the human side of gadgetry, music, and lessons from antique online social networks


Episode Notes

Brian Zisk is a strategist specializing in music, technology, and founder advising.  He is a pioneering social organizer in the San Francisco Bay area.  In this episode of TummelVision, Brian talks with Deb, Heather, and Kevin about CES, the continuing human importance of conferences, Quora’s imperfect community management, and the smart rules developed by antique online social networks.

Brian on Twitter: @zisk @sfmusictech @futureofmoney

Quote of the Week: “If you don’t like what someone says it’s your responsibility to not let them drive you nuts” -Brian Zisk

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This Week: Zoe Keating

The TummelVision crew is taking this week off, so listen to the live stream tonight at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST to catch a repeat of one of the first shows featuring Zoe Keating.

We’ll be back next week!

The Catskills on the 4th

We were passing through the Catskills during the 4th weekend and we stopped at the Liberty NY museum.Tummler was a full-on regular job at these resorts and it helped launch the career of many great performers including Mel Brooks, Sid Ceasar and Joey Adams.

The people who stayed at these resorts were immigrants or children of immigrants and this was their time out of the city to spend some time in a pool, eat some good food they didn’t have to cook themselves and socialize. People often went back at the same time every year and community and participation was a big part of the experience.

Lower costs of more exotic consumer vacation destinations like the Caribbean led to the closing of these resorts but they led to a loss of connection and community.

“I highly recommend tuning in to the show”

Howard Lipztin just posted about how hot the conversation is getting about curation and nicely mentioned our wood on the fire.

Here’s the post

TummelVision 16: Teresa Nielsen-Hayden and Scott Rosenberg the uber-tummlers tell us how it’s done


Episode Notes

Episode 16 Download the show

We speak with two great tummlers in this episode. Teresa Nielsen-Hayden is a science fiction editor and was the first boingboing comments moderator when they returned to comments in 2007. Teresa is also a blogger and the first person to practice disemvoweling online of the entire text of offensive posts.

Most important to us, she’s the original applier of the term tummel to social catalyzing in the web era (she discussed it with Kevin and then the three of us had a collective aha moment. See our story on the about page.)

Also joining us is early blogger, journalist, long-time Salong writer and editor and blogging historian Scott Rosenberg.

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