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Andy Carvin on TummelVision

TummelVision 62: Andy Carvin of on twitter journalism, tummelling the world, and truth-seeking through vulnerability


Episode Notes

Andy Carvin (@acarvin) is digital strategist for National Public Radio. He has helped NPR create their pioneering online presence, coordinated multiple crisis camps, and he’s organized the PublicMediaCamp unconference. In recent months, Andy has engaged in a globalized twitter-enabled form of tummelled journalism as he has curated, fact-checked, and shared news from the Arab democratic revolutions (and other international stories).

Heather Gold writes that Andy Carvin may be the most “successful” tummler on the web:

We’ve wanted to have Andy on for some time. I got to know him a while back and noticed how involved he was in the tech community , how open and vulnerable he was on twitter about his own life and things he’s personally coped with and how much he seemed to commit to crisis camps, in which web and IT folks get together and hack on problems to help an ongoing humanitarian crisis, such as the recent earthquake in Japan.

Andy’s commitment and knowledge about the web, community and human rights all converged into a really critical moment for the web on twitter at the end of 2010 as revolution began bubbling in Tunisia. Andy tummeled the hell out of what was going on there on the ground. He then became a key point on the web and for western journalism (possibly beyond the west too, but in the spirit of Andy’s work, we could not verify this so we’re not asserting it). Andy connected first person sources, organizers, social media participants, journalists and many regular folks around the world who just became all of these things as the world was astonished by the organizing and democratic movements that swept through Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and Syria.

In doing so, Andy showed by example, how to create community, connect people, verify and ask for verification about news. And rather than just being a digital strategist and community advisor at NPR, he now seems to be a journalist and a story as the web, revolution and tummelling shift what all those things mean.

Enjoy our conversation with Andy!

News and Notes

At 18:08 in this episode, we starting diving deep into Andy Carvin’s work. Here are some links and stories related to his global tummelling:

While you listen, you can follow the smart comments from our lively chat room by replaying the CoveritLive discussion.

If you’re interested in hearing more conversation with Andy, check out the supplemental discussion in episode “62.5.”

TummelVision 62.5: More conversation with Andy Carvin of NPR


Episode Notes

After the recording of our “official” episode 62 discussion with NPR’s Andy Carvin, we continued for another 45 minutes of in-depth conversation about his work, deeper themes of connectedness, and some insights on the tools and mobile phone Andy uses in his work.

TummelVision 55: Juliette Powell on how to tummel, collaborating across disciplines, leaderless revolution, and Dutch schoolchildren


Episode Notes

The guest this week is Juliette Powell, media strategist, author of 33 Million People in the Room and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank.  Juliette is a natural-born Tummler who catalyzes  ideas and people across business, media and culture.

Juliette and the gang offered some practical tummelling tips, discussed collaboration across disciplines, leaderless revolution, and the social dynamics Dutch schoolchildren (really).

Check out Juliette’s recent  discussion on the impact of the social web on the Middle-East revolution[s] with Internet skeptic Evgeny Morozov on BBC’s WHYS blog. Bonus: She is a fellow Canadian along with Heather.

"Paul Ford"

TummelVision 52: Paul Ford asks why wasn’t I consulted?


Episode Notes

Writer Paul Ford (a.k.a., joins Kevin and Deb to talk about the Egyptian revolution, whether Arianna Huffington is a tummler, and the ultimate question of the entire Internet: Why Wasn’t I Consulted?

Paul on Twitter: @ftrain

Quote of the Week: “There is a new role for individuals in the web who serve as ‘antennas’ who collect and feed back to the crowd” – Paul Ford

More links and comments from this episode:

TummelVision 51: Brady Forrest on the Egyptian revolution, humanizing data, and the birth of Ignite


Episode Notes

Brady Forrest joins Deb and Kevin to talk about the tummlers of the Egyptian revolution, humanizing oceans of data, and the birth of the now-global phenomenon of Ignite.

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