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TummelVision 48: Brian Zisk on the human side of gadgetry, music, and lessons from antique online social networks


Episode Notes

Brian Zisk is a strategist specializing in music, technology, and founder advising.  He is a pioneering social organizer in the San Francisco Bay area.  In this episode of TummelVision, Brian talks with Deb, Heather, and Kevin about CES, the continuing human importance of conferences, Quora’s imperfect community management, and the smart rules developed by antique online social networks.

Brian on Twitter: @zisk @sfmusictech @futureofmoney

Quote of the Week: “If you don’t like what someone says it’s your responsibility to not let them drive you nuts” -Brian Zisk

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TummelVision 9: Brian Oberkirch on the art of small good things


Episode Notes

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We had a great chat with Brian Oberkirch on  the implicit and explicit  impact of the social and geo-loco services rippling through our lives.  Brian is a ‘multi-lingual’ understated tummler and marketing guy who speaks geek and non geek alike.  He looks at the web from a uniquely human place. We focused a bit on the need for web services and sites to do a better job educating their users on the implications of the data they are sharing in plain english as well as discussing  how the features we choose to include on sites set the tone for the community – i.e. ratings systems, game mechanics, “number of followers” etc.

Links we discussed this week:

80′s theme song: Follow me, oh follow me

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