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Dion Almaer

TummelVision 61: Dion Almaer on the revelation that code is produced by human beings


Episode Notes

This week’s guest is technologist and “human dev aggregator” Dion Almaer (@dalmaer). Founder of and the just-launched FunctionSource, he has worked at companies such as Google (where he worked with Kevin), Mozilla, and Palm. He is now working at a new startup called Set Direction with his long term business partner Ben Galbraith.
In this episode, Dion reveals the shocking truth he has discovered from years of tummeling programmers: code is produced by humans.  Dion talks with Deb and Kevin (Heather is performing at a gig)about communities and conflicts among coders, Twitter gossip, controlling our data, online “enchantment,” and more.
While you listen, you can follow the smart comments from our lively chat room by replaying the CoveritLive discussion.

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