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Howard Rheingold

Tummelvision 56: Howard Rheingold on crap detection, collaborative learning, and online community


Episode Notes

From SxSW in Austin, Heather Gold and Kevin Marks talk with Howard Rheingold, who has been studying and writing inspiringly about virtual communities since the 1990s, and has been online continually since the mid-1980s. His The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online is the original Tummler how-to guide.

Enjoy this conversation with the godfather of online tummlers!

"Paul Ford"

TummelVision 52: Paul Ford asks why wasn’t I consulted?


Episode Notes

Writer Paul Ford (a.k.a., joins Kevin and Deb to talk about the Egyptian revolution, whether Arianna Huffington is a tummler, and the ultimate question of the entire Internet: Why Wasn’t I Consulted?

Paul on Twitter: @ftrain

Quote of the Week: “There is a new role for individuals in the web who serve as ‘antennas’ who collect and feed back to the crowd” – Paul Ford

More links and comments from this episode:

TummelVision 51: Brady Forrest on the Egyptian revolution, humanizing data, and the birth of Ignite


Episode Notes

Brady Forrest joins Deb and Kevin to talk about the tummlers of the Egyptian revolution, humanizing oceans of data, and the birth of the now-global phenomenon of Ignite.

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