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TummelVision 34: Joshua Fouts & Rita King on Diplomacy, politics, and virtual worlds


Episode Notes

Understanding Islam

Joshua Fouts and Rita King run Dancing Ink Productions and study diplomacy and cultural relations in virtual worlds. We discussed their recent project on understanding Islam in depth as well as the recent Tea Party candidate victories and the organizational approach of the Tea Party.

Dan Pink/RSA: why and when $ doesn’t get results (aka being human for white guys)

Dan Pink‘s talk animated by RSA (who doesn’t seem to give the illustrator’s name, sorry). This is an evidence research-based translation of some of the basic premises we focus on in TummelVision: that we are motivated *by each other.* That we are not algorithms. The autonomy and mastery that Dan Pink is talking about, in my opinion, is what let’s someone know they are there and not merely a substitutie for a machine. Independence lets you feel choice and mastery gives you feedback and a sense of competence. But the best use of all these skills, the underlying motivator of why they are so rewarding is because they allow you to find ways to meaningfully connect with others and share usefulness and work for others.

In spiritual language that’s called service. Except our economy is now called that too. It’s the intent that’s not always the same. But as this slow thinking and analysis (as in Dan Pink’s talk) eventually moves forward it is slowly proved to people (aka the mostly white algorithm-lovin dudes running western business) that *feels* good is also effective.


Heather Gold and Deb Schultz’s tummeling session at SuperNova2010

For Xenophrenia and everyone who’s asked about our recent session at SuperNova. Thanks to Kevin Werbach for having us.

The Next Web has No Destinations (and thus needs tummlers more)

How interactions on the web are changing
The next stage of the web won’t have destinations, it will be a distributed network of content and people that will get reassembled depending on context and relationships. The increase in people interactions on the web will mean that building and managing communities will be important for responding to customer suggestions, queries, and complaints. Communities will need to be embedded in consumer experiences and not built at a new destination.

Quote from –Paul Adams, UX Researcher at Google – the tummler conclusion is mine.

The Catskills on the 4th

We were passing through the Catskills during the 4th weekend and we stopped at the Liberty NY museum.Tummler was a full-on regular job at these resorts and it helped launch the career of many great performers including Mel Brooks, Sid Ceasar and Joey Adams.

The people who stayed at these resorts were immigrants or children of immigrants and this was their time out of the city to spend some time in a pool, eat some good food they didn’t have to cook themselves and socialize. People often went back at the same time every year and community and participation was a big part of the experience.

Lower costs of more exotic consumer vacation destinations like the Caribbean led to the closing of these resorts but they led to a loss of connection and community.

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