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Adriana Lukas

TummelVision 88: Adriana Lukas on Heterarchy

Episode Notes

Adriana Lukas (@adriana872) joins us to talk about her research on heterarchy and many other fascinating topics.

Kestrin Pantera

TummelVision 86: Kestrin Pantera on karaoke, cellos, and #occupy

Episode Notes

Kestrin Pantera @kestrin is an actor, cellist, and mobile karaoke bar impressario. She joins Heather and Kevin to talk about the RVIP Lounge, the #Occupy movement, and her creative work. Kestrin gets into the transcendent and emergent moments of tummeling, performance, and how you draw someone into something they might be nervous about.

Jill Slater

TummelVision 85: Jill Slater on urban planning, sustainable food, and catalyzing a hora

Episode Notes

Jill Slater (@jilber) joins the gang to discuss everything from sustainable food and urban planning to Jewish traditions and modern Israel. She covers everything from how to teach awkward teens to dance the hora and to designing a lively urban space.

Grant McCracken

TummelVision 84: Grant McCracken on culture, corporations, and collaboration

Episode Notes

Grant McCracken (@grant27 | is an anthropologist. He’s been director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture, senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School, and research affiliate at C3 at MIT. He’s the author of Culture and Consumption, Culture and Consumption II, Plenitude, Big Hair, The Long Interview, Flock and Flow, Transformations and Chief Culture Officer.

Zandt and Taylor

TummelVision 83: Deanna Zandt, Dorian Taylor, and ContactCon

Episode Notes

Fresh from #ContactCon in New York, the gang connects with Deanna Zandt (@randomdeanna) and Dorian Taylor (@doriantaylor) to talk about privilege, taxonomies, social media alchemy, and the economics of cultural production.

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